Rockwool EnergySaver
Cavity Wall Insulation

Rockwool EnergySaver blown cavity wall insulation provides a reliable and cost effective method of insulating cavity walls. It is suitable for use in both new and existing structures, providing the benefits of Rockwool's unique combination of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, non-combustibility and sustainability.

Rockwool EnergySaver… Reliable and cost effective

About Rockwool

Rockwool is the world's largest producer of stone wool insulation and the second largest insulation producer globally. The group has annual sales of Euro 1.8 billion and employs over 8,500 staff in more than 30 countries. It has 22 factories around the world including Pencoed, near Bridgend, South Wales.

Rockwool insulation is created from naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock with the ore smelted and spun into fibres to create a wide range of insulation materials, ranging from loft insulation rolls to impact-resistant roofing boards. It is also bonded to produce high performance panels.

Rockwool provides a four-in-one insulation solution, providing high grade thermal insulation, noise insulation, non-combustible and strong environmental credentials. This year alone, the insulation products produced by Rockwool will save more than 200 million tonnes of CO2. Rockwool insulation is also completely recyclable and can be re-smelted and spun into new stone wool insulation rolls and panels.

Thermal Improvement

The table on the right shows the U-values achieved when an un-insulated cavity wall is filled with Rockwool EnergySaver cavity wall insulation. The typical U-value of an un-insulated cavity wall is 1.70 W/m2K.

Why Rockwool?

  • It's a proven insulator, non-toxic and safe to live with
  • It's made from a naturally renewable substance
  • Suitable for loft, roof and wall insulation in your home
  • Suitable for new or refurbished homes
  • Rockwool also offers excellent fire protection and acoustic insulation
  • Rockwool is recyclable and made by sustainable methods

Rockwool EnergySaver cavity wall insulation is an entirely dry system which uses granulated Rockwool blown into an external wall cavity to a predetermined density. No glues or catalysts are involved in the installation procedure. The system may be used to improve the thermal insulation of both new and existing masonry cavity walls as well as certain types of non-traditional structures. Rockwool EnergySaver blown wool does not create a bridge or capillary path within the cavity that might allow rainwater to penetrate to the inner leaf.

Over half the energy required for heating a building escapes through the exterior walls. With approximately 75% of domestic energy consumption devoted to heating, the ecological and economic impact of this is significant.

Benefits of Rockwool EnergySaver

  • Cost effective solution - Reduces heating costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Ensures a complete fill without settlement.
  • Water repellent - will not allow water to migrate across cavity.
  • Vapour permeable – allows construction to breathe, reducing condensation risk.
  • Suitable for refurbishment and new build.
  • Non-combustible (Euroclass A1)
  • Minimizes thermal bridging
  • No wastage
  • Irish Agrément Board Certification No.05/0222.
U-Values Achieved
Cavity Width U-Value
50mm 0.58
65mm 0.48
75mm 0.43
100mm 0.34

Additional Information

4 Outstanding Benefits Of Rockwool EnergySaver Cavity Wall Insulation

Stone wool insulation, unlike some insulation materials provides 4 benefits in one product. It helps keep you warm, provides protection from noise and fire while the natural stone source material reduces the need to burn fossil fuels, reduces CO2 released into the environment and helps avoid climate change.

Exceptional Thermal Insulation

Is the old insulation in your loft much thinner than when first installed? Avoid this by using Rockwool insulation which is denser than ordinary lightweight insulation. This gives a tighter fit and doesn't slump or shrink with time, ensuring that it is effective for the lifetime of your home.

Sound Insulation

Because it is dense and close fitting, Rockwool is an exceptional sound insulation.

Sustainable Insulation

Installing Rockwool insulation reduces energy consumption. Made from a naturally-occurring raw material, Rockwool produces one of the most sustainable insulation products available.

Outstanding Fire Insulation

Fire is a major hazard in any home. Rockwool is made from rock and not glass or combustible plastic foam. It will not melt, burn or give off toxic fumes in a fire.

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