Supernova Silver
Cavity Wall Insulation

Ecowarm offers Supernova Silver cavity wall insulation - an NSAI approved, high performance, low cost cavity wall insulation system that is quick and clean to install. Supernove is the only cavity wall insulation that meets Ecowarm's required standards.

Supernova Silver… High Performance, Low Cost

Supernova Silver is a bonded bead insulation injected into the wall cavity of new and existing buildings. The bead repels moisture, preventing it from transfering across to the inner leaf of the cavity wall but still allows the cavity to breathe. Supernova improves the thermal performance of the wall while maintaining the technical performance of the cavity.

Why Use Supernova Silver?

High Performance

Installing Supernova cavity wall insulation results in an immediate reduction in U-Values which means you start saving money instantly. U-Values of 0.27W/m2K or better can be achieved with a 100mm cavity.

The table on the right shows the U-values achieved when an un-insulated cavity wall is filled with EcoBead Platinum blown bead cavity wall insulation. The typical U-value of an un-insulated cavity wall is 1.70 W/m2K. The image below shows the u-value achieved using Supernova Silver when compared against conventional bead or fibre.

Reduced u-value of Supernova compared to conventional bead or fiber

Supernova Silver's high performance allows for the option of minimal wall thicknesses utilising materials that are traditional including dense block. There is no reduction in performance from moisture retention, there are no cold spots above doors and windows where DPC prevent boards being fitted and Supernova Silver cavity wall insulation is guaranteed to sustain its thermal performance over the lifetime of the building.

Quick And Clean Installation

Installing Supernova Silver is incredibly fast and produces no waste. It is just as suitable for new build as it is for improving the thermal performance of existing buildings.

Several 22mm holes are drilled strategically in the cavity walls and the bead is pumped in at these points with the binding agent added at the point of entry. Holes are drilled from the outside of the building for retrofitting existing homes. New homes are usually drilled from the inside.

Effective For The Life Of The Building

The thermal insulation properties of Supernova Silver will remain effective for the life of the building. The insulation will not crack nor settle and is resistant to attack from bacteria, moulds and fungi and will not provide nutrient value for insects or vermin. It is also non-toxic and non-irritant.

Allows Wall Cavity To Breathe

Every bead has a single point of contact with each of the surrounding beads, allowing the cavity to breathe and any moisture penetrating the outer leaf to drain away immediately.

Better Thermal Conductivity

Supernova Silver offers improved thermal insulation over convemtional insulation. Built in infrared reflectors virtually eliminate the effects of thermal radiation.

Supernova And The Environment

Between one third and one half of the heat loss from a typical home is through the walls. Supernova Silver can reduce this heat loss by up to 70%, reducing energy bills and CO2 emissions. Supernova Silver exceeds Building Regulations requirements (designed to reduce energy consumption) when injected into a 100mm cavity.

Benefits of Supernova Silver Cavity Wall Insulation

  • High performance with U-Values of 0.27(W/m2K) or better with a 100mm cavity.
  • Immediate reduction in U-Values means you start saving money instantly.
  • Improves home comforts.
  • Full and consisttent fill guaranteed every time.
  • Quick and clean to install with no wastage.
  • Fully guaranteed once installed and works for the life of the building.
  • Exceeds building requirements without changing construction methods.
U-Values Achieved
Brick 1700 kg/m3/Block 1100 kg/m3
Cavity Width U-Value (W/m2K)
50mm 0.47
60mm 0.42
70mm 0.38
80mm 0.33
90mm 0.31
100mm 0.27
110mm 0.26
120mm 0.24
130mm 0.23

Additional Information

Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation Frequently Asked Questions

Bonded bead cavity wall insulation is a high performance, efficient system with a quick and clean installation. Supernova Silver is only supplied to licensed installers, thereby ensuring the highest standard of end result. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about bonded bead cavity wall insulation.

Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation General FAQ

We also have some frequently asked questions specific to EcoBead Platinum.

Answers for Bonded Bead FAQ

Why should I install cavity wall insulation?

According to independent government figures and Which? magazine wall insulation cam reduce your heating bills can reduce by as much as 25% and up to 33% in detached houses and bungalows.

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Can filling the cavities lead to moisture crossing to the inside wall?

With polystyrene beads this cannot happen because the material does not soak liquid. Drinking cups are made from it because of this quality. When you drink from such a cup you notice the heat from the drink cannot penetrate the thin wall of the cup. This will give you some idea of how little heat can pass through a 2½ to 4 inch thickness of the same material in a wall cavity. Every bead has a single point of contact with each of the surrounding beads, allowing the cavity to breathe and any moisture penetrating the outer leaf to drain away immediately.

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Does the Irish Agrément Board) support the claim that the a Bonded Bead system can not cause moisture penetration?

Yes the Irish Agrément Board certifies that "Bonded Beads will not transmit water across the cavity or from below the Damp Proof Course Level.". In twenty years of use, no failure of this product has ever been reported.

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What is the Irish Agrément Board?

The Irish Agrément Board is an official body designated by the Irish government to issue certification for construction products and systems. An Irish Agrément Board certificate proves that the certified products are manufactured from proper materials and suitable for the intended use under Irish site conditions, and in accordance with the Building Regulations 1997 to 2002.

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Are polybeads environmentally safe?

Yes. In fact, polystyrene is used throughout the food and catering industry.

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How will I know that enough bead has been blown into the wall and that the job is being carried out properly?

Beads cannot be compressed into small bales to take up less space or 'fluffed up' to take up more space. If not enough material is injected into the wall then the top of the cavity will be without bead. When the filling process is complete you can inspect the cavity and see for yourself the result of the installation. We will show you the beads in the cavity before we block the drill holes.

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Because you are not compressing the material within the cavity, do you need to drill as many holes as other systems where a given density must be achieved?

No, much fewer holes are required. We drill mainly at the top of the area we wish to fill and under windows. In a typical gable wall, only about half the number of holes are required to blow bonded bead as are needed with other systems.

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